Looking into details

Philip and I held a conference call with Jane. Jane is a Financial Advisor with Mass Mutual. We had so many questions to ask and did not know where to turn. How do we plan for the future of our mother AND sister? What are their sources of income? How much do they receive? Do we need to save now for their care?  What is long term care and how much does it cost? How do we set-up a trust? Will? etc. I have a young daughter and Philip is expecting his first in December; how do we balance our own families ? Our homework for this week is create a cloud account and save our questions there, that way we can delegate who is on point. Our goal is to have these questions answered before December 1st. We will take you on our journey as we map this out. Stay tuned!

Who is Katie?

Recently I went on vacation to Chicago with my hubby, daughter and kid sister. On my last day, I had the pleasure of meeting with Katie Arnold, Executive Director of the Sibling Leadership Network. I did not know what she looked like, but when I met her, I felt like we were a mirror image of each other; dark hair, glasses and a drive to make a difference in our siblings lives. The coffee I held tight to me was fueled with caffeine, with each sip, I could sense the words zipping out of my mouth. I wanted to know everything- How did you get started? How do I really get started? What are the hot topics right now? Where can I direct my efforts? The most important take-away from our meeting was this- create a network of volunteers. So here it goes….
The California Chapter is new and we are seeking volunteers. If you would like to help us get our feet off the ground, please email me at Sibling@casln.org.
We are going to change lives with your help one day at a time.
To learn more about Katie, please visit: http://siblingleadership.org/tag/katie-arnold/