Accomplishments & Current Progress

Since 2013, the California Sibling Leadership Network has contributed to the California disability community.

  • CA-SLN has hosted meetings at various locations in Northern and Southern California, in order to provide peer-support to young adults with brothers and sisters with various disabilities
  • Members of the executive committee have shared sibling perspectives at local conferences and undergraduate institutions, such as the Sacramento Disability Public Policy conference and the California State University, Los Angeles
  • We also attended a private showing of “Kelly’s Hollywood”, which highlights the unique bond shared between siblings – Click here to watch the trailer
  • As a recent addition to the historic Lanterman Coalition, we are learning from more seasoned leaders how to be better advocates

The love that we have for our siblings drives us to speak up and support each other. With each hangout and speaking engagement, we hope to build a more inclusive society that appreciates and safeguards the lives of our brothers and sisters with disabilities.