Dear San Francisco…

Lately I have been commuting from the East Bay via BART to SF, then catching a ferry to Larkspur and biking to my awesome job. As I take this very active commute to work, I look around and wonder; where are all the people with disabilities to mix up this able bodied crowd? Why are they not represented amongst the commuter traffic? Then I think again. This commute is not all that “accessible” for people in wheelchairs, let alone mom’s with strollers. For the first time today, I saw a man in his wheelchair ride get assistance from the ferry crew in Larkspur; they pushed him onto the ferry, then parked him. They knew what to do and it was no big deal, but for me it was. It was the first wheelchair I had seen in 5 months of commuting 4 days a week to work. I will never forget my first day taking the BART elevator  with my bike in tow at the Embarcadero station; it reeked of urine. I was so grossed out and upset by this; we subject people with disabilities, seniors and mother’s with strollers to this filth? This is a health hazard. See Bartrage for more notes on this- Bottom line- The Ferry is accessible, the BART stations- with unpredictable elevators shutdowns, is not very. Come on SF, let’s move people!

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