Happy New Year

Happy 2015, Sibs!
CASLN has been busy behind-the-scenes these past months to bring you the latest and greatest avenues of research, advocacy, and support.  We’re still new to the scene; however, and here’s what that means:
We’re looking for contacts.  Interested in being featured in a blog post?  I’ll be talking to several Sibs and Sib experts to bring their perspectives to the forefront.
We’re looking for members.  Nothing official or formal, we just want to know who’s out there.  Interested in meeting other Sibs in person?  Need a face to put to a name?  Confused about whether or not you even THINK you want Sibling support?  If you’re in the Los Angeles area and can make it to Los Feliz Blvd. in Atwater Village, come out for a friendly chat.  Contact Jaqueline (me) for more deets on those meetups, happening every third Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm.
We’re looking for information.  Know of an event happening soon?  Have an idea for a blog post?  Breaking news we’ve missed on our end?  Shoot us an email.  We’re here to serve your informational needs.
Stay tuned as we hit the ground running!  Thank you, Sibs, for all you do.

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